What Is a Maintenance Manager?

A maintenance manager is in charge of maintaining the operations of a building by delegating custodial care, overseeing equipment and inventory and implementing safety programs for building staff. Maintenance managers may also manage payroll of maintenance staff and budgets for the department.

Managing is a key component of a maintenance manager's position. For example, the maintenance manager is in charge of supervising personnel in charge of repairing boilers, company vehicles, cleaning and inventory production. Construction projects and third-party contractors may also be supervised by a maintenance manager.

Maintenance managers oversee installation, repairs and upkeep of the company's property including mechanical systems, structures, buildings and machinery. Tasks delegated by a maintenance manager may also include electrical, heating and air-conditioning work, painting and drywall repair. Many maintenance managers not only delegate but also perform needed construction and repair tasks themselves.

Administrative tasks are also a significant component of the job. Maintenance managers compile reports and information for contracts, bids and proposals related to the company's facilities. Budget projections, expenses and depreciation of equipment are also managed by a maintenance manager. These individuals may also be involved in strategic planning and financial outlook discussions to determine future projects for the company's property or changes in workforce or third-party contracts.