How Do You Maintain a Money Tree?

How Do You Maintain a Money Tree?

To maintain and care for a money tree plant, keep the plant in indirect light, water it every seven to 10 days, and trim away any yellow or damaged leaves as needed. Repot the plant every two years.

The money tree plant thrives in indirect light and can grow in low light conditions. However, if the plant begins to wither or turn yellow, it requires additional light. Humid areas such as bathrooms are ideal areas for the plant. Turning it weekly encourages its growth. Be sure to provide adequate drainage in the plant’s container.

Water the plant every seven to 10 days or whenever the top 3 to 4 inches of soil in the container dries out. Moist, but not wet, soil is ideal for the plant. Lightly misting the plant daily gives it the humidity it needs for excellent health. Fertilize the plant four times each year with a time-release fertilizing product.

Use shears or scissors to remove yellow or damaged leaves regularly to encourage healthy growth. Repot the plant every two years to give the roots room to grow. After the plant reaches a desired size, repot in a similarly sized container.

The money tree plant, considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck, grows up to 7 feet in height when grown indoors.