How Do You Know Which Maine State Tax Form to File?

Maine Revenue Services publishes guidelines to help taxpayers determine which state income tax forms to file in booklet form and on the agency's website. Technically, only one state individual income tax form exists as of 2015, Form 1040ME, states Maine Revenue Services.

Maine generally requires state residents to pay income taxes on all income derived from any source, according to Maine Revenue Services. However, nonresidents must only pay income taxes to Maine on income earned from work performed within the state and income derived from Maine sources. Individuals who lived in Maine for only part of the year must pay state income taxes on all income for the part of the year spent as a Maine resident and on any income derived from Maine sources during the nonresidency.

The Maine Revenue Services website walks individuals through the process of determining whether to pay taxes as a resident, part-year resident or nonresident. Full-year Maine residents must file Maine Form 1040ME, the Individual Income Tax Return. Nonresidents for all or part of the year with a Maine gross income above the minimum filing requirement file Form 1040ME and include Schedule NR if single or Schedule NRH if married. The information needed to make this filing determination is also included in the booklet of instructions to Form 1040ME.