What Are Some Main Points of OSHA Safety Training Topics?


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The main points of OSHA safety training topics focus on how to handle hazardous materials and limit work injuries in a variety of industries, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Examples of various industries include nail salons, hospitals, communications, retail stores and construction sites.

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Main points of safety at nail salons, as defined by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, include cutting cuticles, filing nails, applying polish and giving foot care to clients. There are 375,000 nail technicians in the United States who handle hazardous chemicals such as acetone and provide hand and foot care to clients. OSHA protects these technicians via safety training and guidelines. On construction sites, OSHA raises the awareness of potential falls on the job site. Falls account for one-third of the fatalities on the job site. Safety training provided by OSHA pertaining to falls is a lifesaving endeavor.

Hospitals in the United States report the number one and two causes of work-related injuries are from breaches in safety. OSHA safety training covers how to handle, dispose of and store hazardous materials. Safety training also entails how to mark slip areas, store and use ladders and mark stairwells. Climbing communication towers is reported annually as the main cause of fatalities in this industry. OSHA has identified the causes of these fatalities and developed training programs to address the risks of climbing for employees. Safety training for communication workers also includes how to protect the public from their own curiosity and desire for climbing towers.

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