What Are the Main Duties of a Business Analyst?


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The main duties of a business analyst are to get a general idea of a business's operating procedures, including the management hierarchy, business model and how well it is integrating with technology, according to the International Institute of Business Analysis. The business analyst then takes these observations and makes recommendations for change that would positively impact the business's efficiency and profits.

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Business analysts often have many different job titles, including but not limited to: systems analyst, business consultant and business architect. Anyone who looks at the way a business currently operates and then tries to figure out how to make things work better is operating as a business analyst.

Business analysts rely heavily on their understanding of business management, operations methods and technology. They tend to focus on four areas: systems analysis, business model analysis, strategic planning and process design. The end product of the business analyst's findings include a summary of findings, including the processes and efficiency statistics for how things are working now and flow charts and expected outcomes for when the changes are implemented.

Business analysts often have to work in close contact with the company's IT department as well as departments like software development and quality assurance. Business analysts may also have to travel frequently because once they have delivered their finding and proposed plan they have to move on to other clients, states the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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