What Are the Main Duties of an Accounts Payable Clerk?


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An accounts payable clerk is primarily responsible for receiving, processing, verifying and reconciling invoices. Accounts payable clerks are additionally responsible for maintaining the accounts payable records. This includes balancing work entries, filing documents and writing out employee checks.

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Accounts payable is the department that confirms that inventory has moved and money has changed hands. This confirmation is performed by the accounts payable clerk, ensuring that all purchases and returns are logged internally within the company and externally with the vendor. Doing so prevents the vendor from purchasing additional supplies when they are unnecessary as well as keeping the company apprised of how much money there is to work with for any purchase. They may also disperse petty cash or prepare 1099 tax forms depending on the company they work with.

Accounts payable clerks must be able to work quickly and accurately to input all invoices received, as they may be expected to handle up to 200 or more invoices each week. Accounting experience is usually highly preferred for such a position and skill with the Microsoft Office Suite software is a must. Superlative written and verbal communication skills, and a detail-oriented personality are valuable and usually necessary for accounts payable clerks to have.

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