What Do You Do at a Mailroom Job?


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Mail room clerks typically process incoming and outgoing mail, sort incoming mail, weigh and prepare packages and letters for delivery, and keep records of incoming and outgoing mail. Mail room clerks may be in contact with noisy equipment and spend most of their time indoors.

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Most mail room clerk positions in the private sector require only a high school diploma, because most of the training is done while on the job. People working for the postal service are required to pass a civil service exam. Clerks who operate heavy equipment may also need special certification and training.

Mail room clerks typically need strong verbal communication skills, manual dexterity and the ability to stay organized. A good memory and the ability to read quickly also are helpful. Other requirements may the ability to lift 50 pounds and pay close attention to detail.

Alternate career options include general office clerk or auditing, accounting and bookkeeping clerk. A general office clerk position typically requires no formal education beyond high school. Training may involve honing telephone answering and filing skills and is usually done while on the job.

Auditing, accounting and bookkeeping clerks are trained in checking financial records and recording financial transactions. Some clerks earn associate’s degree or complete post-secondary education in accounting to improve their career prospects.

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