How do you mail a postcard?


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There are several regulations to follow when mailing a postcard. Depending on where the postcard is mailed and where it's sent, there may also be different requirements for addresses and postage.

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How do you mail a postcard?
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  1. Write your message

    Use the blank space on the left side of the postcard to write a brief message to the recipient. Plan your words carefully, as there is relatively little space to write.

  2. Address the postcard

    On the right side of the postcard is space to write the delivery address. Include the recipient's first and last name, street address, town, state and zip code. If you are mailing the postcard to another country, write the name of the country in capital letters as the last line of the address.

  3. Attach proper postage

    Determine the postage cost for your postcard. If you are sending the postcard to a foreign country, the postage cost will probably be higher. You can search online to find the current rates or ask a post office employee. If you fail to attach enough postage, your postcard will not be delivered.

  4. Put the postcard in the mail

    Drop the postcard in a mailbox or at a local post office to mail it. Take care to drop it in the proper place, as some post offices have separate bins for local and international mail.

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