How Do You Mail the IRS Form 940?


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You mail IRS Form 940 by the designated date to the address specified for your area and filing options, the Internal Revenue Service explains. The address you use to send in the form depends on the location of the employer and whether or not payment is included with the 940 return.

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The IRS lists various address on its website showing where a Form 940 should be mailed. If you are not including a payment with the form, then the mailing addresses are in Cincinnati, Ohio, or Ogden, Utah. If a payment is included with the form, the payment address is in Cincinnati, Ohio, or Hartford, Connecticut, explains the IRS.

Form 940 is the Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Act, which employers must submit to the IRS annually. Business owners file Form 940 along with the annual taxes. FUTA is the tax that employers pay as part of the unemployment programs that are set up in each state. The monies paid to unemployed individuals come from the funds the employers pay on each employee, Patriot Software explains. Any business who paid employees over $1,500 in wages in a given tax year is required to file this form. If a business did not pay employees, it must still file a statement saying no FUTA taxes were required to be paid.

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