What Is the Magento ECommerce Platform?

The Magento eCommerce platform is a suite of products that e-commerce companies can use to manage the operations of their business. As of 2015, Magento offers four different segments of its platform: the Enterprise Edition, Commerce Order Management Suite, Retail Commerce Suite and Community Edition product groups. Additionally, Magento also provides a template system for entrepreneurs looking to create their own e-commerce website with a modular setup system and customizable website themes.

The Magento Enterprise Edition product is designed to be scalable and usable for companies of various sizes. Highlights of this product include an open-design architecture, a network of certified developers and a wide array of website extensions. Customers using the Enterprise Edition have the freedom to create unique customer experiences while tailoring work flows to fit their business cultures.

The Commerce Order Management Suite provides support for a company's sales and fulfillment channels. This product suite provides easy inventory management and a selection of payment options for the customer, allowing for faster sales and order fulfillment.

The Retail Commerce Suite is designed to be used in a retail setting and helps companies increase customer engagement and simplify task management for store associates.

The Magento Community Edition platform is an open-source software that is free and is supported by the Magento developer community.