How Do You Find Magazines That Are Looking for Freelance Writers?


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Search for freelancer positions for magazines on Indeed.com and Monster.com by using the search engines or email job alert services of both websites. You can also send in freelance manuscripts to periodicals that accept and consider unsolicited manuscripts, such as Crisis Magazine and First Things.

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Type either "Freelance Writer" or "Magazine Freelance Writer" into the search engines of both Indeed.com and Monster.com, and add a location to narrow your search results. Click the search buttons of both websites to view hits that, in addition to magazine ads, may also include postings for online periodicals and websites. Each entry gives you job details, requirements, prerequisites (such as education and previous experience) and application information.

Crisis Magazine and First Things are two examples of periodicals that accept unsolicited manuscripts on a regular basis. Review these websites, or the website of another periodical that publishes unsolicited manuscripts, to see what topics they publish, and from what viewpoint (such as political or religious) they come from. Both Crisis and First Things have Web pages that outline submission requirements, such as the number of words, whether they pay for submissions and how many submissions they accept at once. They also have email addresses by which you can send submissions for consideration.

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