What Are Some Luxury Consignment Stores?

What Are Some Luxury Consignment Stores?

Some luxury consignment stores are Michael's in New York City, Uptown Consignment in Houston and Double Take, which has three locations in New Jersey. Online luxury consignment stores include TheRealReal.com and SnobSwap.com.

Michael's is a luxury consignment shop for women located in New York City and established in 1954. This store offers a selection of high-end apparel, accessories and shoes that are available for purchase both on its website and at its physical store location. Michael's receives luxury items from consigners all around the world.

Double Take is a luxury consignment store that has three shops in New Jersey as well as a website. The company sells designer handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories at prices it claims are significantly below wholesale. According to its website, Double Take is known as one of the nation's most premier luxury consignment shops.

TheRealReal.com is a well-known online luxury consignment store that takes artwork as well as shoes, apparel and accessories. This company offers consigners the option of having one of its professional buyers come to pick up and authenticate their consignment items rather than shipping them through the mail.

SnobSwap.com is another well-known online luxury consignment store that sells top designer items at discounts of up to 90 percent. This website features strictly luxury consignment items and allows customers to virtually shop at other luxury consignment boutiques around the country.