What Are Some Lucrative Careers Dealing With Children?


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According to Careerbuilder.com, there are several rewarding careers that involve working with children. Teaching remains a popular career choice among people that wish to make a difference in a child's life. To earn a salary in the upper range of the field, a master's degree is required. A children's librarian helps children appreciate books and reading. A master's in library science is required.

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Attending to children's medical needs can be quite lucrative, according to About.com. Among the good career choices are child psychologist, pediatric nutritionist and speech language pathologist. Becoming a school or youth psychologist involves lots of educational training that leads to earning a doctorate in the field. Specializations in this field include family counseling, mental disorders and child development. A pediatric nutritionist is focused on ensuring children get proper dietary nutrition. This is a career choice that tackles childhood obesity problems. Speech pathologists tackle a different sort of problem. This well-paid position helps children who have speaking difficulties such as stuttering. People that love caring for small children may want to pursue a career as a pediatric registered nurse. Nurses assist sick and healthy children in doctor's offices, clinics and hospital settings.

If becoming a lawyer is a dream, specializing as a juvenile justice attorney is lucrative and rewarding.

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