What Are Some Lucent Retiree Benefits?


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Lucent retirees may be eligible to enroll in a UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage Plan, which comes with benefits such as medical deductibles and hospital service discounts. In 2014, Lucent retirees with UnitedHealth Care Medicare Plans received $290 annual medical deductibles, according to UnitedHealthcare.

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The Medicare Advantage plan that UnitedHealthcare offers to Lucent retirees includes a maximum annual out-of-pocket cost of $3,290, a $15 copay for primary care clinic visits, after copay, and a $50 urgent care copay both inside and outside of the United States, as UnitedHealthcare indicates. UnitedHealthcare covers 20 percent of the cost of specialist visits, after the deductible, for Lucent retirees enrolled in their management plan.

Other benefits for Lucent retirees under UnitedHealthcare's Medicare plan include 20 percent off all hospital inpatient admission costs after the deductible, and 20 percent of surgery, observation, and all other outpatient procedures and hospital services, as stated by UnitedHealthcare.

Lucent retirees who are enrolled in UnitedHealthcare's Formally Represented Retirees plan, rather than the standard Management Plan, receive similar benefits, with differences such as a $250 annual deductible, rather than $290, and a 10 percent reduction of hospital reduction cost, instead of 20 percent, as listed by UnitedHealthcare.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Alcatel-Lucent plans to offer a voluntary lump sum to the pension funds of about 74,000 Lucent retirees, Pensions & Investments reports.

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