What Is the LPN Wage Scale?


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The Licensed Practical Nurse wage scale refers to the range of payment for salaried and hourly nurses working under various conditions and with different qualifications, which sits at a median annual salary of approximately $43,000 nationally, as of 2015 according to Salary.com. Factors that contribute to these values include the state in which the nurse works, level of education, years of practical experience and the type of care facility offering the job.

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The wage scale for an LPN varies significantly across states and according to individual factors, though it generally falls within a $10,000 range of the median on the high and low ends. Location is one of the most significant contributing factors to determining these salaries, as each state has its own economies and medical systems that determine not only nursing salaries but general pay rates for all occupations. Additionally, larger cities may also offer higher pay rates to compensate for the higher cost of living in those areas.

Another factor that affects the pay scale of an LPN is the amount of training and education the job applicant holds. Some employers may pay a higher salary for nurses from specific schools and programs, or that hold certification in certain specializations. Working longer in the field also correlates to a higher spot on the pay scale to reflect the additional experience.

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