How Do You Find the Lowest Traded Individual Stock?


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The best sources of up-to-date information on individual stocks with low trading volumes are stock market brokers, states JB Marwood. Interested parties can also utilize the screener tool at Finviz.com or the filter function of the market scanner tool in Interactive Brokers' trader workstation to find such stocks. Data on stock trading volumes is also available at websites such as Investors.com and the financial pages of most newspapers, reports BuyandHold.

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To find stocks with low trading volumes using Interactive Brokers' trader workstation, users should first click on File, then New and then Market Scanner, select a market, and filter stocks by volume and price, advises JB Marwood. Users of Finviz.com can find the lowest traded individual stock by selecting the website's Screener tab and then clicking the Volume column. To uncover low volume stocks on a particular benchmark, users should select the desired gauge on Finviz.com's Index field. However, users should countercheck the results with Bloomberg and other reliable sources of financial information as some of the data on Finviz.com can be inaccurate.

In general, the trading volume of a stock hints at its liquidity, explains BuyandHold. Viewed from this perspective, minimal trading volumes imply limited liquidity. A sudden spike in trading volumes may be indicative of a unusual event, such as an impending announcement by the issuing corporation. Trading volumes can also serve as a measure of market sentiment and also as a tool for predicting trends.

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