What Is the Lowest Performing Mutual Fund for the Past 10 Years?

As of January 2015, the lowest performing mutual fund for the past 10 years is ICICI Prudential Corporate Bond Fund-Growth, according to Fundsupermart.com. The total loss during the period is minus 14.6 percent, or an average of 1.46 percent per year.

Performance rankings are available from many sources and often vary widely. For example, the worst performer was First American Mid-Cap Select, according to Forbes. It returned a negative 12.7 percent per year over the 10-year period ending in 2009.

Frontier Microcap was the worst performer with a cumulative negative return of 98 percent over a 10-year period, reports USA Today. This equals a negative return of 9.8 percent per year, but this ranking was last updated in January 2009 and includes dividends and gains reported by Lipper.

When considering past performance of mutual funds, results fluctuate widely depending on the period covered. Any individual fund shows differences in performance for different 10-year periods. Another factor is whether all funds in a family are included, or if it is limited by type of mutual fund. Stock funds and bond funds are not directly comparable, states Investopedia. Different types of stock funds show major differences in performance. Growth funds have different returns than income funds. For bond funds, quality influences performance results. Junk bond funds are typically more volatile than investment grade bond funds.