How Do You Lower an Electric Bill?

To lower an electric bill, it is necessary to reduce energy use in the home. Unplugging small appliances, switching to low-energy appliances, sealing doors and windows, and installing a programmable thermostat is recommended to save on energy usage. With consistent effort, homeowners can significantly reduce costs.

  1. Unplug appliances

    Unplug small appliances when they are not in use to reduce energy costs. Televisions, microwaves and other small appliances use energy even when the appliance isn't in use. If unplugging appliances is not practical, install an electrical strip with a power switch, and turn the switch to the off position when appliances are not in use. Switch to CFL light bulbs, and turn lights off after use to increase energy savings.

  2. Reduce energy loss

    Reduce heating and cooling costs by sealing cracks and crevices in the home with caulking. Install weather-stripping around doors and windows, and install a programmable thermostat on HVAC units. Seal heating and cooling ducts in the home to reduce energy loss.

  3. Reduce energy usage

    Using appliances that require less energy to operate reduces energy costs. For instance, a crock pot requires less energy than using the oven, and washing clothes in cold water is less costly than washing in hot water. Homeowners can also hang clothes to dry, rather than using the dryer, to cut energy costs.