What Are Some Low-Cost Business Ideas?


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Low-cost business ideas that do not require much or any up-front capital include creative businesses such as jewelry making and personal service businesses such as childcare and tutoring, according to Entrepreneur. Many low-cost businesses focus on services that can be rendered without a physical location, such as online researching that can be carried out at the business owner's home. Other low-cost businesses can be carried out at the client's home, such as dog walking or pet sitting, while others can take place at a specific location, such as a gift basket making business that serves hospitals.

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Starting a low-cost business often develops out of a desire to independently make money while providing services to other people. For example, babysitting or house cleaning can both be important services that require very little investment from the business owner. Often, costs associated with these businesses stem from transportation or marketing costs, as reported by Forbes. In the case of house cleaning, the business owner may need to create flyers and business cards and invest in some cleaning products, the cost of which can be quickly recouped by getting work.

Individuals with special skills can also find opportunities to start a low-cost business. For example, a multilingual person can find contract work as a translator, something that may require no upfront investment at all.

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