How Do You Find Lost Aetna Agent Login Information?


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Aetna Agents who lose their passwords can retrieve or reset those passwords through the "Forgot Your Password?" option on their login screen, but lost usernames require phone assistance and identity confirmation from the Aetna help line listed on the recovery page. The former process is swift and easy while the latter is somewhat time consuming.

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Recovering a lost password only takes a minute. Users just need to input their username and the site will walk them through the reset process.

  1. Select the lost password option
  2. Users should select the "Forgot Your Password" option no matter which piece of login information they are missing. If they are missing only their password and not their username then this is as far as they will need to go in the process.

  3. Recover password
  4. Users can enter their username into the provided field. This causes an email to be sent to their associated email address. Inside the email is a link to securely reset their account password and recover access to their account.

  5. Call help line, if needed
  6. If the agent is missing their username they will need to call the help number posted on the page. A representative will walk them through the process of regaining access to their account.

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