How Do You Look up Stock Quotes for Free?

To look up stock quotes for free, visit a financial website such as Nasdaq or Bloomberg, and search for the related company. A stock quote represents the basic collection of financial data associated with a company that updates on a regular basis, states About Money.

The Nasdaq website offers a basic search function, and users can search data that either starts with or contains a certain character. Users uncertain of the specific company name can use the company list to search for a stock quote for a specific company, notes Nasdaq. In addition, Nasdaq offers a basic table of some of the most actively traded stocks. In comparison, Bloomberg offers a stock search that requires a user to enter the search terms and click the Find Symbols button to return the relevant data, according to its website.

Stock quotes can be found both online and in the newspaper, lists About Money. Each source presents different stock data, but some of the common metrics include year-to-date change, 52-week high and low prices, dividend rates, yield percentages and trading volume. Stock quotes online contain delayed information compared to the actual prices on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange. Real-time stock quotes are offered at a premium through certain financial websites. Stock quotes update throughout the day during normal trading hours.