How Do You Look up a SKU Barcode?


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In order to look up a product based on its stock keeping unit code, it would be necessary to have the stock records for the specific company where the product was purchased or sold. This is because the SKU is only assigned to the product by a company for its own internal stock keeping and operational uses.

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The SKU is one of the two primary types of codes used in identifying a product. While an SKU is assigned internally by a company, a universal product code is a standardized code that is automatically assigned to a product by a third party. Therefore, the SKU codes for a specific product can vary depending on the company selling it, but the UPC code for that product is always the same no matter what company or store sells it. For this reason, it is only possible to look up a product on public sources based on its UPC code and not on its SKU code.

Although they are used for similar purposes, the SKU and UPC codes have numerous differences. One difference is that the SKU code usually consists of eight letters and numbers, while the UPC code always consists of 12 numbers.

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