How Do You Look up a Mutual Fund CUSIP?


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To look up the CUSIP number of a mutual fund, find the fund's ticker symbol, navigate to the mutual fund company's website and find its list of mutual funds. The CUSIP is listed next to the ticker symbol.

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Financial research websites also list CUSIPs, but some sites may require registration or a subscription. CUSIPs are nine-digit numbers that identify and provide information about financial instruments, such as stocks and mutual funds. The first six digits correspond to codes for the company, municipality and country. The next two digits identify the type of investment, and the last number comes from a formula that checks the other eight for accuracy. Because CUSIPs are a universally-recognized standard identifier, they ensure that transactions between investors and brokers run smoothly and efficiently. CUSIPs also allow companies to track the securities they issue throughout their life cycle and allow asset managers to organize their portfolios accurately.

The American Bankers' Association formed the Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures in 1964 by request of the New York Clearing House Association. The committee developed and gave its name to the CUSIP system. As of 2015, CUSIP Global Services, owned by the American Bankers' Association and managed by S&P Capital IQ, issues new CUSIPs.

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