How Do You Look up Information on Oil Stocks?


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Many financial websites provide stock information for oil companies, including MarketWatch.com, Money.CNN.com and Finance.Yahoo.com. As of 2014, some of the largest publicly traded oil companies listed by these financial websites include Exxon Mobil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron, according to Statista.

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To find stocks on MarketWatch.com, click the magnifying glass symbol to open a search bar, and then type in the name or stock code of the company in which you are interested. Wait for a results drop-down list to appear, and click the stock code for stock information. For instance, to search for Exxon Mobil, type either "Exxon Mobil" or "XOM" in the search bar, and then click the XOM link. To find stocks on Money.CNN.com or Finance.Yahoo.com, type the name of the company or the stock code into the search bar for results.

MarketWatch.com focuses on daily stock results for day traders. Each stock page on MarketWatch.com includes many useful figures, such as the daily closing price, daily change, and 52-week low and high. Money.CNN.com focuses on a broader overview of each stock and lists news stories related to each stock. Finance.Yahoo.com is a good resource for historical stock data. For instance, it provides Exxon Mobil stock information dating back to 1970. To help analyze this huge amount of data, Finance.Yahoo.com also includes many added features, such as stock split information, the Money Flow Index, log scale and trading volume.

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