How Do You Look up a Company's Automated Clearinghouse ID Number?


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To obtain the routing number of any financial institution, one can use the American Bankers Association's, or ABA, online Routing Number Lookup Tool, call or visit the website of the institution, or look for the number on a check. The unique nine-digit number identifies the sender and receiver of funds in automated clearinghouse, or ACH, transactions.

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Consumers can search for the routing number of a financial institution by visiting RoutingNumber.aba.com and entering the name of the financial institution into the search box. Since some banks and credit unions may assign different numbers to various branches or geographical locations so users can filter their search by city and state. Visitors can also enter known ABA numbers to display the name and address of the institution associated with the respective nine-digit number.

Many financial institutions provide their unique routing numbers at their website; consumers may or may not have to log in to their online banking to view the number. Routing numbers are also found at the lower left corner of personal or business checks, appearing just to the left of the account number.

Common automated clearinghouse transactions include electronic payroll direct deposits from employers to employees, the deposit of government benefits, automatic bill payments and person-to-person payments.

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