How Do You Look for Renters?


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The easiest way to find renters is by hiring a property manager certified by the National Association of Residential Property Managers, explains United Services Automobile Association. In addition to finding tenants, these managers handle problems on the property for a fee that is typically 5 to 10 percent of rent.

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Creative marketing is often helpful in finding renters, notes Newsday. Landlords can advertise for renters in neighborhood newspapers, and they can put up fliers around the neighborhood. They should also use yard signage to draw new tenants. It is advisable to offer cash incentives to departing tenants, other tenants living in multifamily properties or real estate agents who help find suitable replacement renters.

Landlords should also use the Internet to find renters, states Newsday. Listing the rental property on multiple websites increases the reach and brings more renters, and landlords can also search these sites to find ads from prospective renters. Additionally, an open house is a good opportunity to save time by meeting a lot of potential renters at once.

Buildings with reputations for having good renters are another source of tenants, according to Forbes. Landlords can post fliers in these buildings to attract quality renters. Once landlords find applicants, they should perform thorough background checks and follow up on every reference. They should also visit the potential tenant’s home to see how he cares for his current property, which gives an indication of how the renter might care for the landlord's property.

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