How Do You Look for Offshore Entry Level Job Positions?


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To look for offshore entry level job positions, as of 2015, visit the jobs section of the company's website. Companies may also post these jobs on classified websites, such as Craigslist or in newspapers, or offer them through recruitment companies.

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If you don't have experience, position options include deck crew operations or a roustabout. These positions handle general housekeeping and other duties and are able to learn from more experienced crew members. Another way to get oil rig experience is getting a position at an onshore location. These positions typically pay less than offshore positions, but you gain experience in the industry.

Before looking for jobs, determine where you want to work. Options are limited to locations with offshore drilling sites. If a company hires you for a position, it expects you to move there. One way to improve your chances of landing a job is traveling to the location to apply with the company in-person. This demonstrates your willingness to move.

Demonstrating relevant experience and skills help to obtain an oil rig position. You also must be at least 18 years old, healthy and willing to live offshore for long periods of time. There is a large amount of competition for these positions because of the salary and the limited education requirements. If hired, you receive training and must obtain certain certifications.

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