How Do You Get Long-Term Disability Coverage?


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To get long-term disability (LTD) insurance coverage, an employee can sign up through his employer's human resources department if the employer is offering disability insurance, via an organization that offers group plans or through insurance agents for individual plans. If an employer is offering disability insurance, the applicant can sign up for the plan during the initial enrollment period. It's ideal to apply for coverage during this period as insurance agencies cannot deny coverage to an applicant because of a pre-existing medical condition, according to the Disability Benefits 101 website.

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When claiming benefits from long-term disability plan, there is a waiting period from the time the employee becomes disabled to the time when he can start receiving benefits. The higher the premium on the LTD, the shorter the waiting period will be, according to the Disability Benefits 101 website.

The following shows one way of getting long-term disability benefit.

  1. Study the plan
  2. Study the plan carefully, including its rules for pre-existing medical issues and exclusions of certain diseases and work-related accidents.

  3. Apply for a plan
  4. After studying about the plan and deciding on the insurance company, enroll for LTD coverage. During the enrollment period, the applicant will likely have to undergo medical underwriting.

  5. Make timely payments
  6. Once the application is approved, individual plan holders should make timely payments to keep the plan from lapsing.

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