How Long Does It Take to Get Your Tax Refund?

Refunds from e-filed tax returns are issued within 21 days after the IRS receives the return, if the refund is paid by direct deposit. Direct deposit refunds from a paper tax return are issued within six to eight weeks from the date when the IRS receives the return.

Returns must be accurate and complete when filed. If they are not, the IRS must return the form to the taxpayer for corrections, which delays the processing time for a refund. The time to get a refund is significantly increased if the refund is sent by paper check, instead of by direct deposit.

Personalized refund status can be found on the official IRS website 24 hours after the IRS receives an e-filed return or four weeks after mailing a paper return. Refund status can also be obtained by calling the Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954.