How Long Should a Written Resume Be?


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For a person with less than 10 years of experience, a resume should be no longer than one page. With 10 or more years of experience, two pages are sometimes necessary. The goal of the resume is to entice a hiring manager to call for an interview.

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In the past, career advisors recommended resumes be one page in length. Hiring managers discarded resumes of job seekers who exceeded these limits without further consideration. There is no longer a hard and fast rule concerning resume length, according to Monster. The resume writer needs to consider the industry, type of job and his level of experience. While a one-page resume is sufficient for an entry-level position, it does not provide enough space for the person with significant experience in a field, especially when the experience is in engineering or a technical field.

In some work areas, applicants for managerial positions serve their purpose best with a three-page resume. Placing the most important information at the top of the first page is essential when preparing a resume that is more than a page in length. A career summary helps to accomplish this goal. Before submitting the resume, job seekers should ensure the second page includes their name and contact information.

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