How Long Does the Renter Eviction Process Take in Colorado?

How long the renter eviction process takes in Colorado varies based on how the renter responds to the written three-day demand notice. Landlords must give a three-day quit notice before filing a suit in court. The court date generally falls within five days of filing.

An example of how the renter eviction process goes in Colorado begins with the tenant violating his lease either through nonpayment of rent, a violation of the lease, committing acts that harm the landlord or other tenants or commiting acts related to a drug related or violent felony. The landlord then provides a written, signed notice that gives the tenant three days to either pay rent or fix the situation that caused the lease violation. If the renter ignores this notice, the landlord must proceed to filing an eviction in court.

Once an eviction is filed in court, the tenant receives a date to appear in court via summons. If the court finds in favor of the landlord, a judgement is entered against the renter, who then has a set amount of time to willingly vacate the premises. If the renter does not vacate the premises, the local sheriff's office can get involved and remove the renter using forcible action.