How Long Has Hino Been Making Trucks?

Hino, a member of the Tokyo gas and electric industry, began making trucks in 1918 with the TGE-A. As of 2015, Hino is Japan’s number 1 manufacturer of heavy- and medium-duty trucks and the third largest truck manufacturer in the world.

By 1950, the Hino Corporation became known as the Hino Diesel Industry Company. It designed a heavy-duty 7-liter DS10 engine which was larger than any other Japanese truck built at the time. In 1953, the company began producing cars for private industry under the Renault label. The Hino Corporation became well-known for cars like the Hino Briska and the Contessa 900.

In 2011, Hino began manufacturing hybrid trucks to do its part for the environment. The truck, called the Hybrid COE, premiered at the NTEA Show in Indianapolis, and at that time, the company strengthened its hold on the U.S. market. Hino trucks are sold at more than 200 locations across the United States and the company provides buses for lines across the globe.

Hino is currently in 2015 a subsidiary of the Toyota corporation. The truck manufacturer builds heavy-duty work trucks that are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and around the world.