How Long Is the Cruise to Bimini From Miami?

long-cruise-bimini-miami Credit: Ines Hegedus-Garcia/CC-BY 2.0

The cruise to Bimini from Miami is about two hours long, and the distance is 53 miles. As of 2015, travellers may take the Bimini SuperFast from Miami to Bimini for a 12-hour day trip that includes approximately 2.5 hours on the island.

Bimini consists of three relatively small islands and is the closest part of the Bahamas to the continental United States. Bimini draws tourists for its beautiful beaches and big-game fishing. Tourists also cruise there for activities such as gambling, dancing and drinking offered on the cruise ships. Although many tourists only travel there for day trips, others opt to spend a few nights at Bimini resorts.