What Are Logos Used For?

logos-used Credit: Spencer Platt / Staff/Getty Images North America/Getty Images

Logos are used to identity businesses, organizations or products in a unique and recognizable manner. Logos are distinctive graphics or images that set companies or individuals apart from each other to promote awareness of their brands. Groups often adopt logos to represent their message. Logos can be an artistic design that includes an icon or symbol, a creative typeface of the company’s name or a combination of both.

Investopedia states that while not a physical item like money or products, logos are important to businesses because they have value as a company resource. Logos help companies build individuality, which is necessary to stay competitive in the world of business. Logos are used in advertising, selling and public relations to make a connection with clients and consumers. The most popular company logos include the golden arches of McDonald’s, the red swish of Coca-Cola and the colorful font of Google. The companies use their famous logos to make their brands almost instantly recognizable throughout the world. Large companies protect their images to maintain their good standings with the public. To do this, businesses typically trademark their logos to prevent misuse from rival companies or individuals. Logos have been used for centuries to display the rightful owner of properties or relate information.