What Is Logged on the OSHA Form 300?

OSHA Form 300 provides space for companies to log work-related injuries and illnesses, as stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA requires employers to use the form for any situation that prevents the employee from completing normal work duties or causes the employee to take time off work. For each incident, the form provides space for the person's name, title and a description of the situation. It also provides fields for the date and the physical location.

Form 300 requires employers to log the outcome of the injury or illness, according to OSHA. The form includes options for death, days off work and restricted duties. The employer must also fill out the number of days the employee is away from work or transferred to another position. For illnesses, the form allows employers to choose from common ailments or the catch-all "All other illnesses" option.

Form 300 must contain a log of all incidents that cause an employee to become unconscious, OSHA asserts. It also requires employers to include any injury or illness that demands any treatment more serious than basic first aid. For each incident on Form 300, the employer should complete OSHA Form 301, which provides space for a more detailed incident report.