How Do You Log Into Your TreasuryDirect Account?


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To log in to your TreasuryDirect account, enter your account number, password, image and caption. If your computer is not registered, you are also required to enter a one-time passcode that is sent to the email address on file before completing the account sign-in process.

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  1. Access the login screen

    From the homepage of TreasuryDirect.com, click on the account login button. Enter your account number, and click the submit button. If your computer is not registered, a one-time passcode is sent to the email address on file. If your email address is incorrect, you need to call the customer service number listed on the page.

  2. Enter the passcode

    In another window or tab, check your email for the passcode. Copy and paste the number into the appropriate field, and click the submit button. If you did not receive the passcode, a link is provided on the page to resend it.

  3. Enter your password

    After you enter the passcode or if the computer is already registered, enter your password on the following screen.

  4. Confirm your personal image and caption

    Select the image on the screen that matches the one you chose when you created the account. Type the caption you created in the provided field, and click on the submit button to access your TreasuryDirect account summary.

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