How Do You Log in to the TD Waterhouse WebBroker?

To log in to TD Waterhouse WebBroker, you must enter your user name or Connect ID, along with your password, according to the company's website. Individuals who have not registered may receive temporary passwords before being prompted to enter new ones, and they must first call the TD Waterhouse Help Desk at 800-667-6299 to get gain access to the online login option.

TD Waterhouse offers customers a wide range of products, financial advice, tools and resources related to investing, explains Some savings and investment products offered by the company include savings accounts, mutual funds and GICs. Individuals who invest $100,000 or more can choose to work with financial advisors who offer advice on wealth building and maintaining current wealth. Investment resources, such as a market overview, are available on the company website as well.

TD Waterhouse also offers retirement savings plans and plans and services for those with fixed incomes, according to the bank's official website. Additional services include registered disability savings plans, tax-free savings accounts, registered education savings plans and precious metals. The company website features a question and answer section as well as quick links that allow customers to make a trade, set up an account or participate in investor education.