How Do You Log Into Your Lowe's Credit Card Account Online?


To log into your Lowe’s credit card account online, visit the company’s website for access to the account using an SSL-compliant Web browser. Access to the online account requires activation and registration prior to admission, according to Lowe’s.

To login into your online account, make sure to use a recommended browser such as Microsoft Explorer 3.02 or later or Netscape 3.02 or later, notes Lowe's. Without the recommended browser, logging into the account is impossible. While registering your account, provide a credit card account number. Also, make sure to provide other pertinent personal information such as your ZIP code, home phone number, mother's maiden name, and Social Security number. After account validation completes, create a password. For security purposes, Lowe's requires a password and your account or membership number to log in the account.