How Do You Log in to Your H&R Block Emerald Card Account?

To log into an H&R Block Emerald Card Account, the cardholder visits the Emerald Card login page to enter their username and password, according to H&R Block. There is a green Sign In button at the top of the page.

After logging into the H&R Block Emerald Card Account, the cardholder can view previous transactions, see the current balance and view or print the monthly statement, according to H&R Block. The account page also lets the cardholder transfer funds from the Emerald Card to another account or to view cash rewards. This card provides bill payment services as well.

Access to the H&R Block Emerald Card Account is available online as well as from mobile devices, says H&R Block. There is an Emerald Card mobile banking app available for iOS and Android devices, including tablet computers and mobile phones.

The H&R Emerald Card comes with many features, according to H&R Block. It works as a debit card for online or in-store purchases, works at all ATMs to withdraw cash, and can be reloaded as a prepaid credit card. It is also possible to use the card for direct deposit. Alert preferences are available, such as receiving an email when a purchase or deposit was completed.