What Are Some Locations of CRST Truck Driving Schools?

locations-crst-truck-driving-schools Credit: Jetta Productions/Blend Images/Getty Images

CRST only operates one truck driving school in the United States, which is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. However, the company contracts with more than 30 different Commercial Driver's License schools across the country to provide CDL training to prospective employees.

CRST, which originally stood for Cedar Rapids Steel Transport, covers the tuition costs for the CDL training for its prospective employees as long as they agree to work for the company for at least 10 months. To obtain the CDL training, a person must first apply and be approved to work for CRST. The approval process is based on the person's driving record, work and criminal history.

Once the prospective employee has been approved for the program, CRST then finds the nearest training program in its network for the person to attend. Most CDL Class A training courses last for between two to four weeks. Upon completing the training course, the employee must then attend a four-day orientation program to prepare him for his on the road training. After orientation, each new employee is assigned to a CRST Lead Driver for his on the job training.

To be hired by CRST, a driver must meet certain physical requirements in addition to passing the required background and driving history checks.