What Are Some Locations Where Companies Mine for Jewels?


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Locations where companies mine for jewels include Merelani, Tanzania; Central Queensland, Australia; and Ghaghoo, Botswana. Tanzanite was named after its country of origin, Tanzania, as noted by Richland Gemstones.

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Merelani, Tanzania, is the world's only known source of tanzanite as of 2015. It comes from a tiny area near the foothills of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Experts choose the highest quality tanzanite at the mine itself after excavation and then send it to be graded, cut and polished. Richland Gemstones developed the largest tanzanite mine in the world in 2004.

Queensland, Australia, is home to the Capricorn Sapphire Mine, which many geologists believe will become the world's single largest sapphire producer. Located near the town of Sapphire in the Queensland Sapphire Gemfields, it produces blue, green, yellow and multi-colored gems. The gems are intended to supply the international jewelry market with stones from a single sapphire source.

The Ghaghoo Mine in Botswana is the republic's first underground diamond mine, located in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Owned entirely by Gem Diamonds Limited, the company has focused on reducing potential environmental impact and improving mining conditions since opening the mine in September 2014. The mine recovered 10,167 carats of diamonds as of December 31, 2014, notes GemDiamonds.com.

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