What Are the Locations of Citizens State Bank?

What Are the Locations of Citizens State Bank?

Citizens State Bank has dozens of locations across the United States, including in Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas. Nebraska and Kansas are two other states with Citizens State Bank locations.

According to USBankLocations.com, as of October 2015, there were 10 Citizens State Bank locations in Wisconsin. Several locations were in the cities of Cadott, Chippewa Falls and Menominie. There was one Citizens State Bank location each in the cities of Elmwood, Woodville, Roberts and Hudson.

In Illinois, there were several Citizens State Bank locations in Lena, Freeport and Stockton, among other cities. In Iowa, the cities of New Vienna, Strawberry Point and Manchester, along with eight others, each had Citizens State Bank locations. Citizens State Bank had eight locations in Nebraska, including the cities of West Point, Creston, Friend and Spalding.

Kansas was home to several Citizens State Bank locations. There were multiple branches in the city of Peoria and others in the cities of Wakeeny, Arlington, Morland and more.

Citizens State Bank also had locations in Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, Georgia and Florida. The highest number of Citizens State Bank branches was located in Texas, with over 20 locations in various cities. These cities included Athens, Kemp, Tyler, Itasca and Hubbard.