How Do You Locate Recently Sold Properties in Your Area?


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Locate recently sold properties in a given area by checking on the appropriate Sold sections of property listing sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Homes.com or Trulia.com. Each site typically includes the listing for the sold home, along with the closing price and related details. It is also possible to find recently sold properties by contacting a local real estate agent directly.

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Many sites offer tools for browsing listings of recently sold properties as separate tabs on their main navigation bars, though some may include them in the main search tools. In these instances, check the tool for a property or listing type to indicate that you only wish to view sold properties and not those currently for sale. Realtor.com and Trulia.com feature lists of properties recently sold with the actual listings as they appeared on the sites. Zillow.com displays all recently sold listings on an interactive map, with pins displaying basic facts about each property.

To find recently sold properties through an agent, begin by finding agents through either a local agency or a national company with local agents. REMax.com features a local agent search tool that allows you to find agents and offices operating under the company in any location. Call or email the agent and simply request a list of recently sold properties to obtain the information. Some local agencies also publish information on their websites.

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