How Do You Locate a Provider on the First Health Network?

How Do You Locate a Provider on the First Health Network?

One way of locating a First Health Network participating health care provider is to use the search tool on the plan holder's local website or on the secure member website. Using the search tool involves going to the website, navigating to the search tool, selecting a product or a network and then launching the search. The First Health Group Corp. operates the First Health Network, which is a preferred provider organization network that provides access to health care coverage-related products and services in the United States and Puerto Rico, states

With main offices located in San Diego, California, the First Health Network offers cost-containment programs to help employers manage their employees' benefit plans, notes

The following steps show how to locate a First Health Network-participating health care provider.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the local health plan provider's website or to the First Health Network secure website for members at

  3. Go to the search tool
  4. Navigate to the search tool on the local health plan website. Members may have to log on before they can proceed to the search tool.

  5. Choose a product or network
  6. Choose a product to start a search. The type of product or network is indicated on the plan holder's member ID card.

  7. Enter the parameters and launch the search
  8. Choose or enter either the ZIP code, state, county or city to confine the search within a specific area. Search can also be done by entering the doctor's name, facility or condition type. Click on any of the Go buttons to begin the search.