How Do You Locate Patio Homes for Sale in Louisville, KY?


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As of 2015, some realtors that list patio homes for sale in Louisville, Kentucky, include Joe Hayden Real Estate Team and Pinnacle Properties of Louisville, LLC. Joe Hayden Real Estate Team lists patio homes for many subdivisions in the Louisville area, while Pinnacle Properties lists homes for the Manner Pointe subdivision, states the Pinnacle Properties website.

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Patio homes offer homebuyers the features of a full home, but with the convenience of a condo, states the Joe Hayden Realtor website. They are a good transition for people who want to move out of an apartment but don't want to take care of a lawn, gutters, roof or siding. A patio home also works well for prior homeowners who do not have children and want to relieve some of the responsibility of owning a home.

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