How Do You Locate a Medicaid Transport Number?

Medicaid transport services vary by location and state, but customers can typically access the contact information for non-emergency transportation services from their state government websites, notes Virginia Easy Access and Missouri Department of Social Services websites. Beneficiaries can learn more about Medicaid benefits and services through the Medicaid government website.

To locate Medicaid transport service numbers through the Virginia Easy Access website:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Go to the Easy Access homepage of the Virginia state government website.

  3. Click "Transportation"
  4. Click on the "Transportation" link along the left navigation bar.

  5. Review the options
  6. The government website offers a list of available transportation options, along with contact information. Available options for Virginia residents include non-emergency transportation services, public transportation and local agencies, among others.

When calling the non-emergency Medicaid transport service, customers need to have important information on hand to schedule the appointment, including the addresses for pickup and drop off and the date of the transport, along with their name, birth date, phone number and Medicaid ID number, states the Easy Access and Missouri Department of Social Services websites. Many services require advanced notice for transportation, and not all health care services are eligible for these services. Contact the local transportation service for more information on eligibility requirements.