How Do You Locate a Land Title?


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To locate a land title, start with at least one of the following pieces of information: the name of the owner, the title number, the parcel number or the land description. With at least one of these, you can find the rest of the information through a county clerk's office.

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Parcel numbers are connected with particular pieces of land, and they do not change unless the parcel undergoes change. Title numbers are connected with a parcel's owner(s). When the parcel changes hands, a new number is issued to reflect the transaction. Land descriptions show a parcel's precise location, and each part of the description comes in a set order.

Register with a service such as Information Services Corporation, and follow the directions to put in the requested data to run the search. To handle the search without a service, visit the county clerk's office or the website for the county clerk's office. In some counties, it may be necessary to visit the office in person to get the complete record of the title, but in others, all the information may be available on the website. A good bet is to call the office to find the best course of action in the county in which the relevant land sits.

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