How Do You Locate Jobs for Owner-Operator Truck Drivers?


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One way of finding shipping contracts and loads for owner-operator truck drivers would be to use the search tool on load boards, such as the direct Freight Services website. Load boards are helpful for owner-operator truck drivers who are just starting out. However, freight loads that are obtained through load boards usually pay lower than the average load shipping rates, notes the Commercial Capital website.

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Finding a good-paying load is one of the most important tasks of an owner-operator truck drivers. To find good-paying freight loads, the owner-operator should first define his ideal client and then find them through industry organizations that the clients belong to, notes Commercial Capital.

The following shows how to locate load shipping jobs through load boards for owner-operator truck drivers.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Use a web browser to go to the Direct Freight Services website.

  3. Use the tool
  4. Make sure that the tab of the search tool is set on Search for Loads, as opposed to Search for Trucks. Enter the parameters for the search, such as the origin city for the load and the state. Define the radius for the load search in increments of 50, 100, 200 and 300 miles and then click on the Search button.

  5. Sift through the results
  6. Click on the results view more information about the freight load jobs.

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