How Do You Locate Free Job Training Classes?

How Do You Locate Free Job Training Classes?

Some ways to locate free job training classes include checking with government programs like Career One Stop, seeking apprenticeships at local companies and researching private organizations offering workforce training, suggests Online career course websites like also offer free job training courses that are self-paced.

Individuals can use the Career One Stop website to find locations nearby. These centers usually have some free classes, which may be online or at the centers, that teach basic academic and computer skills. These centers also provide help choosing a career and applying for jobs.

Seeking apprenticeships is another way to learn a new trade for free and even receive pay while doing so, states Individuals can find options on the United States Department of Labor website, and these apprenticeships can sometimes lead to a full-time job afterward.

Connecting with private organizations like Goodwill, SCORE, staffing companies and the WorkSearch Information Network can lead to online and onsite job training programs and career assistance. Goodwill has online computer classes and temp job opportunities while SCORE helps provide free education for aspiring business owners. The WorkSearch Information Network assists older job seekers with training, while staffing companies sometimes have online skill training courses for candidates.

Those who prefer to learn at home at their own pace can consider the free diploma programs and courses on the Alison website, all of which lead to a certificate. Individuals can learn skills like programming, accounting, customer service, project management and marketing.