How Do You Locate Job Openings at the Seattle VA Hospital?

Job openings for positions at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle are found by visiting the United States Department of Veterans Affairs website and using its USAJobs search tool. Another option is to conduct a Seattle VA hospital search at online job sites such as A third option open to professional nurses is to contact VA Puget Sound directly by calling 206-764-2487 to discuss job opportunities with a nurse recruiter.

Job listings for veterans hospital positions follow federal government guidelines, and postings include job title, series and grade, salary range and announcement number, which must be included on applications. Applicants should pay attention to vacancy opening and closing dates, because applications received after the closing date are excluded from consideration. Due to privacy concerns, health care applicants seeking employment with VA Puget Sound cannot submit job applications online. Each job posting contains contact information and instructions for submitting a paper job application to a specific address.

Numerous job application forms for specific health care positions are available for download at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs VA Pugent Sound Health Care System page. Candidates should keep a copy of the application for reference. After an application is submitted, candidates must wait 60 to 120 days for the application to go through the entire job screening process.